Application to Greencoast International School is very straight forward. Greencoast accepts students at any time during the year.


Please complete pre-admission form first 

Phone number: 260 06 31

Our Office administrator, Antonia,  will then contact you via email to complete the process. You will be asked to visit the school and meet with the Principal and then, should you choose Greencoast, you will need to reserve a place for your child by paying the Rs 3500 registration fee.


Currently our fee structure is as follows

Tuition Fees for Primary Years 1-6

Enrolment fees:

Non Citizen MUR 60,000

Citizen** MUR 50,000

1st Year Monthly Fees: Payable over 12 months

Non Citizen MUR 17,500

Citizen** MUR 11,750

Deposits of 3 months requested (facilities of payment available).

Full year payment in advance benefits from 8% discount.

Discounts are cumulative.


Pre-Primary Years

Enrolment fees: nil

1st Year Monthly Fees: Payable over 12 months

Non Citizen MUR 11,000

Citizen** MUR 8,000

Deposits of 3 months requested.

Deposits are transferable between pre-primary, primary and secondary.

Deposit is refundable with 3 months notice.


* Admission is at the discretion of the school. An appointment for interview will be arranged.

** Citizen includes any children with one parent with a Mauritian Passport.


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